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Ethnic Wood and Resin Necklaces

In Accessories, Necklaces on April 26, 2011 at 8:04 am

Just got these gorgeous necklaces at one of Indonesian annual event, called Inacraft 2011.

First time I walked into the JCC (Jakarta Convention Centre) Hall, there is one interesting shop that caught my eyes, named Jamilah Fashion. But instead of selling clothes, this shop provides many kinds of Indonesian ethnic jewelries. So far I’ve seen all of them are handmade and unique. The best thing is they don’t sell Chinese accessories, many people sell it already though. What makes it worse, they bullied customers by telling them its from Kalimantan, Sulawesi and even Irian Jaya, or just randomly referring to other provinces in Indonesia. Just tell the truth, people! Really embarassing to claim other country handicraft as our own. For a few years I had been living in China, so I’m very familiar with made in China accessories.

I’m soooo falling in love from the first sight. Yellow!!!! I couldn’t resist!!  Hurry, must put it into my shopping basket before somebody else find it!!! You see, I’m a jewelry addict. I will feel naked without earrings, rings and necklaces.. and oops! I like bracelets too. Nothing in this world could make me take one accessory off when I’m outside the house.

“Must be mine!!!” Couldn’t think other than that. Unique teardrops shape, colorful too! This one definitely represents who I am. On that day I wore casual cool orange top. After done with payment, I was in such a rush to put it on my neck. Tadaaaa!!! Later on, I found myself even walked with more confident.. haha.

What do you think when I do mix and match of spoon necklace and batik? Ok, I know “spoon necklace” sounds ugly. But I couldn’t find a better name. Anyway, my combination looks so ethnic, rite?!! C’mon, you must agree with me on MY blog haha.

I just love the idea of this jewelry maker. As you can see, those handcrafted wooden spoons usually just for home decoration accents. But here, I was so impressed they could magically make it into beautiful necklace. And don’t forget to pay attention to other material, plaited glass coaster!!

Still using plaited glass coaster. Take a look at necklace’s robe, has different designs between right and left. Above necklace is truly my favorite ’cause it’s not such a common and boring necklace.

Overall, all of them are very fabulous. Admire the designer!


  1. kyk makanan kalungnya..:p btw, emang lu demennya yang warna warni sih.. untung gak lamaan di inacraft, bisa2 abis dah belanja mulu..:p *sama untungnya gak ada atm mandiri atau bca, fiuhh…

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