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OPI Yokohama Collection

In Nail on July 15, 2011 at 6:32 am

Have you ever heard of the infamous OPI Yokohama Collection?? OPI Yokohama is limited edition nail polish colors inspired by the Yokohama Harbor sunset., which were exclusive to Japan. Some people said it has 12 shades, but I found more when searching. I guess I just keep posting then.

NL Y01 – Baby Blue

NL Y28 – Pinkerbell

NL Y35 – Vintage Violet

NL Y32 – Penny For Your Thoughts

NL Y33 – Blush Of Adrenaline

NL Y47 – Yokohama Twilight

NL Y36 – Swirl of Euphoria

NL Y43 Bay Bridge, NL Y44 Cherry Blossom, NL Y45 I Love Yokohama

                                 NL Y46 At Sweet Love Ferris Wheel, NL Y47 Yokohama Towai Rye


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