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How to Remove Glue From Artificial Nails

In Earrings on September 14, 2011 at 9:09 am

Some types of artificial nails cannot be used again after they have been removed, so there is no reason to remove the glue. But you can use press-on artificial nails over and over. After removing artificial press-on nails, there is likely to be glue residue on the bottom of the nail. Before you can use those nails again, you must clean the glue to ensure it will adhere to your natural nail.

1. Pour acetone nail-polish remover into a small glass bowl. The greater the acetone level, the better. You can purchase 100 percent acetone over the counter at a pharmacy.

2. Drop the artificial nails in the bowl.

3. Allow your nails to soak in the acetone for 10 to 15 minutes to dissolve the glue. Depending on the acetone level, you may have to soak your nails longer.

4. Use a cotton ball or Q-tip to gently wipe away any remaining residue from the glue.

5. Allow the artificial nails to completely dry before reusing them.


How to Remove False Nail Glue From Your Natural Nails

In Earrings on September 14, 2011 at 9:07 am

If you have trouble growing long, beautiful nails naturally, you might opt to use fake nails. You will eventually need to remove or replace them, and it is important to do this correctly so you will not harm your natural nails. The nails are attached with nail glue, which is formulated to bond the acrylic nails to your natural nails. Once you take the false nails off, the glue will often linger on your nails.

1. Fill a large bowl with warm water.

2. Soak your nails in the warm water until the glue is soft.

3. Wipe the softened glue off with a towel.

4. File down large clumps of glue with a nail file.

5. Remove the remaining nail glue with an acetone nail polish remover and cotton balls.

6. Rinse the acetone solution off the nails with water.

How to Get Nail Glue Off Nails

In Earrings on September 14, 2011 at 9:01 am

False nails can be messy when they are applied at home. It is not always possible to apply or remove them without getting nail glue on your nails or leaving nail glue residue on your nails. The same methods used for removing false nails can also be used for removing excess glue from your nails.

1. Fill a small bowl half full of water and warm it in the microwave for one minute. If it is too hot, let it stand to cool off. You want the water to be as warm as you can comfortably stand it. The warmer the water the better it will be at loosening the nail glue.

2. Soak the nails of one of your hands in the warm water. After several minutes, test the glue by gently pushing at it with the tip of your nail file. Do not force it; you don’t want to damage your natural nails.

3. Fill another small bowl with acetone nail polish remover. Soak the nails of the hand you previously soaked in water in the nail polish remover. After a few minutes, check the glue and see if it is loose. Do not force the glue. If the glue does not come up easily, repeat the process until the glue begins to loosen.

4. Use a nail file or buffer to scrape off remaining glue. It should be slightly gummy and scrape off easily. Do not press hard; it is better to have a few small bits of glue remaining than to damage your nails.

5. Repeat the process on the nails of your other hand. Your nails will be rough at first but this should get better after a few days.

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